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At First Choice Auto Repair & Body Shop, we provide a full spectrum of car services, including collision repairs, dent repairs, and routine maintenance, as well as winterizing. Trust our experienced technicians to repair your vehicle to its pre-accident condition, and exceed your expectations, with a smooth and stress-free experience. In case of a breakdown or accident, rely on our fast and reliable towing service to get your vehicle to our repair facility or your desired destination with care. Choose First Choice Auto Repair & Body Shop for all your vehicle needs and experience excellence in service and quality.

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Paint and Body Repair

Paint and Body Repair refers to the process of repairing and repainting areas of a vehicle that have been damaged. This includes repairs to dents, scratches, and collision damage, as well as the process of matching and blending new paint to the original color and finish of the vehicle.

Mechanical Repair

Mechanical repair refers to fixing any issues with the vehicle’s mechanical systems such as the engine, transmission, and suspension. This includes anything from general maintenance to complex repairs, and our team of experienced mechanics is equipped to handle it all.

Alignment and Suspension

The alignment and suspension section is responsible for aligning the wheels of the vehicle and making repairs to the suspension system, This is critical to ensure proper handling and stability while driving, and also to improve fuel economy and tire wear.

Glass repair

Glass repair can include the windshield, side, and rear windows, sunroof, and mirrors. It can include repairs to chips, cracks, or replacement of the whole glass. A professional auto glass repair technician will be able to assess the damage and recommend the best course of action to ensure your safety while driving.

Electrical system Repairs

Repairing electrical systems in a vehicle includes diagnosing and fixing issues with the electrical components of the car like the battery, alternator, starter, and other related parts. The technician uses specialized tools and knowledge to troubleshoot the problem and fix it, ensuring that the electrical systems are functioning correctly and safely before returning the vehicle to the customer.

vehicle safety inspection

A vehicle safety inspection is a series of checks that are performed on a vehicle to ensure that it meets the minimum safety standards as defined by the province. This inspection is typically done on an annual basis and includes checks of the vehicle’s brakes, tires, suspension, lighting, and other mechanical components, as well as its compliance with emission regulations.

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Car Repair & Maintenance

Regular car maintenance and repair is crucial for the proper functioning of your vehicle, and for ensuring your safety on the road. It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for regular check-ups, oil changes, tire rotations, and other routine services to keep your car running at its best.


Collision Repair

Collision repair is the process of restoring a vehicle to its pre-accident condition. This includes the repair or replacement of damaged body parts, paintwork, and mechanical components, as well as the alignment and calibration of systems such as the suspension and electrical systems.



Trust the experts at 1st Choice Auto Repair & Body Shop for fast and reliable towing service in case of a breakdown or an accident. Our professional team will transport your vehicle with care, ensuring a safe arrival at our repair facility or desired destination.


Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspection is a process to check that a vehicle meets the minimum safety and emission standards set by the government. It’s essential to conduct regular inspections on a vehicle to ensure that it’s roadworthy, and to identify and address any issues that may affect the safety or emissions of the vehicle.


Oil Change

Oil changes are a crucial component of regular car maintenance. They help to keep the engine lubricated and running smoothly, while also removing any dirt or debris that may have accumulated. Skipping oil changes can lead to decreased performance and can cause expensive damage to the engine in the long run.


Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment refers to adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car maker’s specification. This helps ensure that the tires are at the correct angle and that they make contact with the road in the right way, which can improve the performance, handling, and longevity of the tires, as well as improve fuel efficiency and reduce the wear on the suspension components.


Engine repair

Engine repair is the process of diagnosing and fixing issues within a vehicle’s engine to ensure proper functioning. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help prevent costly engine failure and prolong the life of your vehicle.



Winterizing your vehicle is the process of preparing it for cold weather and snowy conditions. This includes services such as tire changes, fluid checks and replacements, battery checks, and general inspection of the vehicle’s parts to ensure they are functioning properly in harsh winter conditions.

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We provide a wide range of services including collision repair, maintenance, towing, and more, using the latest tools and technology to handle all makes and models of vehicles.


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